Lunar problem

2022.01.19 06:55 Grand_One_9483 Lunar problem

Lunar problem While I tried to use lunar client and launch
the give me this:
Lunar Client Launch Error
Short: Unknown error
Description: An unknown error has occurred: FetchError: request to failed, reason: self signed certificate
Launcher ID: 2051641ded10623472b40daea85544770ffbb3eac5255d76541e6d565b17b976
Launcher Version: 2.9.3
OS: win32 x64
Game Version: 1.8/master
Launch Type: OFFLINE
I did try to uninstall and reinstall but nothing change.
pls help
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2022.01.19 06:55 Secure-Elk-2248 DSA Preparation

So my last post kind of blew up, and the most common question was how to do DSA, Coding, get placements, I am currently in X semester and have Y months to prepare for placements etc etc. This post will be very long, please bear with me.
This post may or may NOT be applicable for people who are already in the IT industry. It is for people still in the university and searching for entry level jobs.
So a little background about me. I live in a small town having population around 10k. My schooling till 10th was very bad. I was really good in Maths and really wanted to be an engineer. Had no idea what IITs, NITs, BITS, JEE Mains, Advanced etc is. I have a really bad anxiety and lack self confidence. I cannot speak English, basically I fumble a lot, make a lot of grammatical errors while speaking. I am very bad at remembering stuff. I have very bad memorisation skills. Cannot remember formulas, names, etc etc. So my chemistry/bio was shit basically and this was one of the reasons I loved maths and physics so much because I don't have to remember stuff.
First time I studied in my life was for NTSE. I knew it was a big thing and wanted to crack it. But there was no one to guide me basically. Internet was not there at that time. My dad bought a massive book(Arihant NTSE). I studied religiously for NTSE for like 6 months. Cracked Stage-1 exam on my own.
Then dad sent me to a Tier-1 city for JEE coaching. As I had cleared Stage-1 NTSE, so there was a bootcamp going on in my coaching centre for Stage-2. First time saw competition in my life and I was shocked to the core. Long story short did not qualify Stage-2 and I was broken. PCM which was taught here was going over my head. Was not able to keep with the pace of teaching. JEE Mains came, remember about my anxiety thing lol? Couldn't sleep a whole night before the exam. Anxiety levels were over the roof. Messed up JEE Mains (30k rank). Decided to take a drop there and then. Stopped studying and gave BITSAT and JEE Adv without studying basically. Couldn't qualify Adv but somehow managed to score decent in BITSAT, which fetched me circuit branch in BITS. I still remember I was so happy when I saw my score. Didn't take a drop and joined BITS.
Entered college. BITS has 0 percent attendance lol. Misused my freedom and never attended classes. First year was decent. Could score 8+ CGPA with just studying two weeks before mid-sem and end-sem exams. Used to play PUB-G a lot(addiction levels). 2nd year was a tragedy. Core Electronics subjects came and I was clean bowled. CGPA dropped in 2-1. Decided to study in 2-2. Attended all the classes, did pretty good in Mid-Sem and then came the pandemic. Back home and I just did nothing at all. Used to wake up, eat, sleep repeat. Didn't even bother to apply for Summer Internships. This continued till June 2021 and then I realised how big I have fucked up. My batchmates were interning in FAANG, Uber, Microsoft, big core companies in the summer after the 3rd year, and here I was sitting in my home having 0 skills and nothing to show. They started getting PPOs, placements etc etc. Now I was under pressure. Got the 5 month internship starting from July and I knew this was my last opportunity to do something. Decided starting from August 1, I will just do DSA and work hard in my company to secure a PPO.
I spent a total of INR 0 for learning DSA. No fancy courses, no premium accounts, just Youtube and Google.
Prior Knowledge: Basic C which they taught in 1st year in college.
So like most of you guys I didn't know where to start, what to study and what not to. Friend recommended me to start with Apna College(Playlist Link). Liked them initially as they taught in Hindi and from very basics. First time installed VSCode on my laptop. Stared writing basic programs and learning C++ syntax(STL). I would recommend to use only C++ or Java for DSA(No Python). Read GFG articles for learning Data Structures. Realised Apna College were just typing code and not teaching how to approach problems. Their backtracking/recursion videos are so shit. Once I had basic knowledge of Data Structures, jumped to LeetCode and decided to do stuff on my own. Only open leetcode when you know basics of DS(array, vector, stack, queue, set, multiset, map, unordered_map, heaps, etc).
Don't even think of buying premium. It is way overpriced and you don't even need that. So many don't know how to use leetcode. Do you have to solve all the problems there? NO. My recommendation would be to go topic wise. Suppose today you learnt Stack. Then filter all the questions of Stack and start solving them. The questions which has way too many likes are the most important ones. Check Like/Dislike ratio and you will know if you should spend your time on that problem.
Always attend weekly/biweekly contests. Don't think I don't know much DSA so maybe I should not participate in them. They will give you an overview of where you stand and how much efforts do you need to put in. Weekly contests is at 8 am but I generally wake up at 11 so never attended weekly one. Have attended almost all biweekly contests(8 pm). You can give virtual contests also if you have missed the real one.
Now comes the difficulty. My biggest dilemma was do you need to solve Hard level questions from Leetcode? Answer would be what companies are you targeting, how much time do you have etc. First solve medium level questions and once you are confident in them, only then move to hard.
How to solve, what if I am unable to solve some questions then what? Just spend around 20-30 min on a particular question. If you couldn't figure out the approach then jump to the Discuss section. Sort by most votes. Start reading how others solved that question. Ignore such titles: "3 LINE C++ CODE, 1 LINE PYTHON CODE" Open the articles where they have explained in depth approach of solving questions. If you are still unable to figure out, search on YouTube for that particular question.
YouTube resoruces: Aditya Verma(Recursion, DP, but would recommend to watch all his videos) Tech Dose(Graph theory, Random leetcode questions) Pepcoding(Randomly watched for leetcode questions)
Random questions people asked:
Do we need to do CP? No. Leetcode is more than enough.
I am not fluent in English, English is bad etc etc. Guys, remember you are being hired for your brain. Communication skills matter but you don't need to be Sashi Tharoor. Just sound confident in the interviews and make sure you can explain others your thought process while solving questions. This is enough.
Anxiety during interviews: I would recommend giving mock interviews for this. I have very high levels of anxiety, but once you start giving interviews it will go away. Maybe after bombing first 2-3 interviews, you will automatically gain confidence.
CS Core Subjects: Sorted according to their importance: 1. OOP 2. DBMS 3. OS 4. CN If you are from CS, you need to have knowledge of all the four CS subjects. For Non-CS, it basically depends on the company. Companies like Browserstack, Cisco will focus on CN, some may ask you OS, but OOP and DBMS will be asked by almost all the companies. You don't need to have an in depth knowledge of these subjects, just basic theory part. I got kicked out of some companies after rocking DSA rounds because I had not studied DBMS and OS.

This is based on my experience and may not be applicable for you so take everything with a pinch of salt. You can ask questions or correct me I will update this post.
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2022.01.19 06:55 Brilliant-Case2409 People outside of the U.S.,what are your country's version of da hoods?

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2022.01.19 06:55 Maya_Cyan I drew my fav legendary!! ^^ I actually lime this one for once. Criticism much appreciated!

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2022.01.19 06:55 crytoloover DataHighway $dhx Chart, Price and Contract

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2022.01.19 06:55 grammarism - Auto-Generated English Grammar Exercises

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2022.01.19 06:55 Winnetou0210 I just like Janna!

I just see posts about how the changes affect the Gameplay and if somebody like or don't like them. I don't really understand why this even matters. The changes will happen and Riot will adjust in the future too, but this doesn't change how Janna is. She is the beautiful Goddess which protects and strengthens people, stops enemies and that's it. I like the lore behind her, the skins and voice lines. It all together just make her the best Champion, that's why in my opinion the Gameplay isn't important. It surely is a part of her, but as long as her abilities stay roughly the same, it is fine.
tldr: Just enjoy Janna as a whole Champ and don't just look at the Gameplay.
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2022.01.19 06:55 darkdoom973 Is this possible? Or Is this true?

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2022.01.19 06:55 4goettma I wish there was an Ornithopter (Dune 2021) mod for Arma 3

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2022.01.19 06:55 wenchfuriou5s Meggnut hot 0nlyfans video

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2022.01.19 06:55 termisique It is the Small Things in Life (I am not looking for praise).

Yesterday I went to grab breakfast for my family. On my way out I saw a displaced couple and pulled my truck over and approached them and sat down with them to speak with them. I got to meet their (well fed beautiful cat).
They told me their story. During which I learned that their tent had a broken zipper. I let them know I could swing by later with a used tent I had in my garage. I let them know that my kid usually naps at 2 pm so I could be back at that time.
When I got there they were gone. But I asked a guy that does windshield repair in the parking lot if he saw them. He said the cops had come by earlier to ask them to leave. (It should be noted that I had given them my number earlier.) I drove around a bit and a 2 o'clock on the dot I got a text from them saying where they were at.
I got them the tent and sat down and talked with them some more.
They thanked me for the tent but more importantly they were especially thankful that I just took the time to talk to them. "It is nice to have someone else to talk to; we only have each other."
Point is, just take some time out of your busy life to reach out to people. Family, friends, or just people down on their luck.
Also, "he always eats before we do" was mentioned about their lovely cat.
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2022.01.19 06:55 tangkq 是否有提供获取时间的API

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2022.01.19 06:55 TinyEstablishment832 Can psychiatrist become psychologist? Or to be more precise, can they do the same job as psychologists without psychology degree?

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2022.01.19 06:55 Lukelandcripple1 First time getting rare armor! Random gand had Exar Kun's armor? Score 😂

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2022.01.19 06:55 VERLUXCARDANO The Moonboys Are Coming - CNFT News

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2022.01.19 06:55 mech_artist Vikram Patel writes: Why do Indians do so well abroad?

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2022.01.19 06:55 JCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC Number of pathways in squares arranged in a line

Let’s say we have n amount of squares in a line. Point A is in the top left of the arrangement and Point B is in the bottom left.
You can only make east and south movements in each square.
Is there a formula to find this out depending on the amount of squares?
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2022.01.19 06:55 JeffNotFound Mic Arm LP Extension?

I have a large desk that's 36" x 72". Either way if it's mounted in the back or side I'm dealing with 36". I can mount it on the front, but cable management kind of sucks.
Any chance in getting a longer fixed arm for deeper desks? It looks like O.C. White sells extensions for their arms, but their whole setup is $500+. Might be cheaper to buy a second Wave LP to get a second fixed. A bit of a waste though.
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2022.01.19 06:55 qwenmn SELF ENTITLED MERCEDES DRIVER SEEN THROWING RUBBISH OUT OF CAR ONTO ROAD A video emerged online showing a Merced...

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2022.01.19 06:55 Background-Feeling90 Getting a wet ass lol

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2022.01.19 06:55 shuvammax Dragon Infinity - play to earn 3D Gaming - NFTs, Breeding, Oracle system, Staking, PVP, PVE - Launching Now on BSC!!!

Dragon Infinity is created by the idea of creating a P2E NFT Gaming in the world of a mysterious dragon saga of a time where dragons ruled the world.

The Token Of Dragon Infinity is the currency in this game. Besides, there will be nfts in form of dragons and dragon eggs which can be collected, bought and sold in a NFT marketplace.
Fight against dragons, collect Dragon and Dragon EGG NFTs when you win against them and be part of this legendary saga. Level up your dragons and join later on our open world game and fight against different dungeons (Phase 3)
The basic principle is a 3D PvP mode where players can fight against each other. The winner gets a reward in the form of tokens, automatically sent to the wallet, and the loser gets a deduction. In addition, there are several options to pair dragons and hatch eggs, whose spawn can be used to be even better in the game or to sell it as NFT to other players and investors.
Dragon Infinity V2 Tokenomics:
- 3% Lp
- 3% Gaming fees
- 5% for marketing
- 3% Game development
- 1% Team
Play to Earn Gaming project (PVP, PVE) -Breeding / pairing of dragons to get dragon eggs and get new dragons -Oracle balancing reward system -NFT marketplace intergration -Staking -CMC & CG & CEX listings -High quality marketing with major influencer -Contract developed and maintained by audit company ; Contract checker
Improtant links
Contract Address: 0x019F0Cc6cBefdc4fcCfD0F4191492F0EBaCD6eeD
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