Is there any way of getting the old app layout? This new one is awful! 'Don't fix that which is not broken' you've just made things far more awkward to find

Classic TV + TV Shows on DVD. Bob Einstein Interview After the Smothers Brothers were fired by CBS in 1968 he was a comedy writer for Sonny & Cher's hit TV show and Sonny Bono's big flop before teaming up in the mid-1970s with writer / producer Allan Blye (Laugh-In, Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour).Together they produced ground-breaking variety shows for Redd Foxx, Dick Van Dyke and Lola Falana ... Long gone are the days of "There's one way to do things". Instead, this thing would give the most "enterprisey" Spring JEE application a run for its money with its endless annotations, dependency injection magic, all sorts of pseudo-types - both the "built-in" Python 3 ones like Set and List, but also the libraries like Pydantic. All the skills to learn are not fun things like learning to play guitar, speed cup stacking, or learning a new foreign language. Some of them are far more useful skills than that. For example, you are learning how to learn. When you learn the intricacies of how to learn, every skill or bit of knowledge learned thereafter just a little bit more ... Get MLB news, scores, stats, standings & more for your favorite teams and players -- plus watch highlights and live games! All on New man in her life encourages Tina's wild side. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 06/14/19: Tina Has a Long, Strange Trip Home! (4.50) Her Nude Hike Leads to More Challenges, and More Excitement! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/28/21: Tina Makes Stripper Fantasy Real (4.38) She just wants a bit more wildness before settling down! Exhibitionist & Voyeur 10/08/20 I agree with you except the one pain point that Wikipedia still continues to use "m.*" sub-domains for displaying mobile content. I know most people exclusively use mobile these days but I use desktop browsers for reading more than 60% of the time and its really annoying to click on a Wikipedia link on HN/Reddit and having it open the mobile site on desktop. I just created an IPA keyboard layout and I am getting use to it but I flew into the exact problem you mentioned. I used the Dvorak keyboard as the source base and did not change any character keys from it. My design was suppose to be the w lined up under u, and j lined up under i on the left side. The Eye of the World, the first novel in Robert Jordan's #1 New York Times bestselling epic fantasy series, The Wheel of Time®, follows Moiraine Damodred as she arrives in Emond's Field on a quest to find the one prophesized to stand against The Dark One. The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass, leaving memories that become legend. Search and browse our historical collection to find news, notices of births, marriages and deaths, sports, comics, and much more; Dates range from 1860 to today for The Philadelphia Inquirer and 1960 to today for the Philadelphia Daily News; Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Starting at $7.95 per month ... When people hear the name Grigori Rasputin, their minds almost immediately begin to wander. The stories told about this so-called “Mad Monk” suggest he possessed some magical powers, or that he had a special connection to God. But they also suggest he was a sex-crazed maniac who used his position of power to seduce women

2022.01.19 08:36 Hippowned Is there any way of getting the old app layout? This new one is awful! 'Don't fix that which is not broken' you've just made things far more awkward to find

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2022.01.19 08:36 bisketchual A DAILY DOSE OF ELON-SPIRATION

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2022.01.19 08:36 kgarev Имам нужда от помощ

Здравейте, момчета и момичета!
Ще ви разкажа малко за себе си, преди да стигнем до същината на проблема ми. На 21г. съм, българин, уча в един от най-добрите български университети, завърших средното си образование с почти отлична диплома, а през училищните си години записах успехи в сферата на природните науки и спорта. Освен това, отделях голяма част от времето си на лични проекти и хобита, с които се гордея.
Радвам се на живота, който живея, но имам един комплекс с който искам да се преборя. Странно или не - това са чуждите езици. Учих 12г. английски и няколко френски (силно казано), но явно не съм полагал достатъчно усилия за да ги науча и сега си патя от това. Човек съм, който има високо мнение за себе си,с покритие, и именно заради това искам да се преборя с този мой минус. В крайна сметка живеем в един интернационален свят, в който хората знаят по няколко чужди езика, а аз представете си, не владея дори отличен английски, който едва ли не, вече се определя като базов.
Разбира се, имам базовите знания по английски, пътувам често в чужбина и се оправям сам, но съм здраво стъпил на земята и осъзнавам нивото си.
Какво ще ми препоръчате да направя? Сигурен съм, че има и други хора, в моето положение, а и в крайна сметка, според мен езиците може да се учат цял живот.
Предполагам, че някои хора ще се присмеят, но единият ми доцент казваше, че тези които питат ги е срам веднъж, а които си мълчат ги е срам цял живот!
Благодаря ви предварително и хубава седмица!
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2022.01.19 08:36 peachhyyhh How many individual do you have that you are comfortable with pouring your heart and soul to?

I feel that people are way too judgemental even for my parents
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2022.01.19 08:36 QuietTHINGno1KNOWS Sounds about right.

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2022.01.19 08:36 zacaa09 "Free Gems" are capped at 10k, meanwhile "Paid gems" are not capped presumably?

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2022.01.19 08:36 plateauphase Szalóczy Zsolt fizikus a klímaváltozásról - Tilos Rádió beszélgetés

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2022.01.19 08:36 RABM617 Reliable singles pricing UK?

Obviously a huge discrepancy between sites like eBay, tcgplayer and the mark up retailers like chaos/titan etc put on cards, so I’m just looking for the most reliable way to price my cards for sale.
Is it literally just a case of taking an average from eBay or converting $ to £ from tcgplayer?
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2022.01.19 08:36 tacomeup USC Price School - Masters in Urban Planning

I’m applying for masters in urban planning to usc and I want to know if the end of January is too late for an application. Will there still be chances of me being accepted?
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2022.01.19 08:36 IGL_KX9 I NEED PRACTICE ? BGMI !

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2022.01.19 08:36 mondoduke123 Radians being randians. Its infuriating how they're immediate response to this law is "false cases" and not the immediate atrocities that women all over the country face on a daily basis

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2022.01.19 08:36 frenkiiiii Mafia Definitive Edition

sorry to ask but i need some information before i buy it .... does this game run well on ps4?
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2022.01.19 08:36 GregK1985 Just sharing a list

Awaken Ancient Machine Brothers! I am not a competitive player, although we play in a fairly competent enviroment. That means that we understand well the rules and play to the top of each armies abilities, just without spamming the FotM. I know Necrons are not top dog of any kind but lately, I find myself having a very decent run with the following list ( I will type it instead of BS for cohesion:
Mephit Patrol + Spearhead 7CP starting

Secondaries I will get Code of Combat, Engage + RoD The volume shooting is enough to clear a ton of stuff. I know we are struggling but perhaps this could help some of you in your games!
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2022.01.19 08:36 MrMagueijo I'm officially team void.

So the other night I slept in a different place that what I'm used too, a pitch black room,and it's awesome, you can't tell if your eyes are open or closed and the peace is never ending. Although there was a thing in that room, an heating device that, when the temperature dropped below a certain level, it turned a light. A really small light, the size of my thumb, although it was the most annoying thing ever. So I understand when the void creatures are pissed off cause existence happened. They were in peace.
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2022.01.19 08:36 taircn Even in winter those huge sightseeing buses are on route every 1-2 hours until 8pm.

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2022.01.19 08:36 tangleofcode Parse date string: Best way to parse string containing UTC


Consider this text string: 2021-01-01 01:01:00 UTC.
What's the best way of parsing this into a date object in Python 3? I could remove the "UTC" from the text, and then use something like datetime.strptime(date_string, format), but isn't there an easier way, like doesn't Python already have support for parseing strings like these?
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2022.01.19 08:36 kempoegypt Kempo back fist

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2022.01.19 08:36 SkicoNow Roger Waters - Radio K.A.O.S. (1987)

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2022.01.19 08:36 v7o If someone had told me this was GME, I would've believed them... Well, click the next image to see what's just happened to this stock (BRN.AX) - Are these fools really using the same algorithm across the entire stock market? BULLISH, AF. LFG!

If someone had told me this was GME, I would've believed them... Well, click the next image to see what's just happened to this stock (BRN.AX) - Are these fools really using the same algorithm across the entire stock market? BULLISH, AF. LFG! submitted by v7o to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:36 Spooky_Everywhere worst deck ever 😱😱

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2022.01.19 08:36 JackieChamp69420 Deep Rock Galactic montage - feat. Radioactive, Imagine Dragons

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2022.01.19 08:36 Enough_Statistician8 Unpopular opinion - Cristiano Penaldo is the most overrated player in the Premium League

Every single time I have seen him, he has not looked a top player. In my opinion he is extremely overrated and is not Premier level. In today's game vs. City he looked beyond poor when he came on.
Despite never really having a consistent run of games, he is still considered a considerable talent and nearly always makes the first team too. Baffling.
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2022.01.19 08:36 Pretend_Gur7309 شرح تو عکس هست

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2022.01.19 08:36 KuroUsagi52 What do you guys think? I think I'm pretty damn proud of myself ^^

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2022.01.19 08:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Top Stories] - A dating show for single parents? It's as cute and cringey as you think | NBC

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