How do I fix this? I can't play any games anymore. Need some suggestions, please.

2022.01.19 06:55 dolandukhi How do I fix this? I can't play any games anymore. Need some suggestions, please.

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2022.01.19 06:55 Velvet_Bunbun It be your own sub

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2022.01.19 06:55 poorlyboy Search how many icon tokens I have?

Please can someone tell me how I search how many icon tokens I have?
Probably really obvious so apologies
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2022.01.19 06:55 sharesneakersus Which of the three in the picture is right?🧐

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2022.01.19 06:55 Ok_Friendship_8158 Emily Black Showing That Pussy !!

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2022.01.19 06:55 Princehades23 Dating advise

Hey so this is my first date and I'm shitting bricks Any help would be nice
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2022.01.19 06:55 nokturnaa This jacket by the German foreign affairs minister?

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2022.01.19 06:55 hazzelgamer774922 therewasanotherattemp to Car Jacker

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2022.01.19 06:55 Agima [100% OFF] Machine Learning A-Z with Python with Project (Beginner) (4 days or 986 registrations left)

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2022.01.19 06:55 sharkpickles an appeal to reason

friends and fellow fog citizens, this is a brief appeal to the better angels of your nature. i'll do my best to keep it short and to the point.
at no point are you obligated to agree with me. but i'm writing this respectfully, and i'm asking that you return that respect.
there's a lot of division between killers and survivors regarding builds, gameplay styles, and behavior. please hear out this appeal to reason. i'm hoping it will help some people feel better about dbd, this community, and your fellow players in-game.

no combination of perks or addons is toxic or unfair. we can all access the same ones. if it's available in game, it's in bounds. no killer or survivor can access any type of advantage.

all strategies are viable. certain strategies may not be the best tactics for winning in all situations, but all tactics are fair play. no strategy or gameplay style is "toxic" on either the killer or survivor side. a professional baseball team putting its best closing pitcher into the game isn't "toxic". a football team pulling off a fake punt for a touchdown isn't "toxic". a hockey team taking advantage of a power play or scoring a penalty goal isn't "toxic". these things are fair and permissible according to the official rules. likewise is true for dbd.

things like clicky-clicking, taunting, baiting, and slugging are viable strategies. all competitions are hugely mental battles. realize that this is part of the game--and all games--and it won't ever change, nor should it have to. we can't control others, but we can control ourselves. it isn't personal. people are just playing the mental game. it's totally understandable.

nothing anyone does is personal. nobody "hates" you, just like they don't "love" you, either. we should guard against assigning strangers such extreme emotions. really, people aren't thinking anything except "i want to win". next match, they'll forget about you and think "i want to win" when facing a totally different person/team. it just isn't that dramatic of a situation, my friends. we aren't nearly as important to others as we might believe. we're all quickly, easily forgotten once the moment passes.

winning doesn't make you a good or bad person, and losing doesn't make you a loser. conversely, you winning doesn't make the other people losers, and you losing doesn't make the other side better people than you. skill in one video game among thousands means nothing. there's no doubt that you're much better at other things than the people who clap you in dbd, and the people you thrash are definitely better at some other things than you. it all works out about even.

we all win some, lose some--the top streamers and highest ranked players in the world still win and lose every day. if you get that angry about losing, you might consider a non-pvp game. competition gets tense, and nobody wins all the time. we have to accept this reality and roll with it if we're going to enjoy pvp games. otherwise, they're just sources of stress and unhappiness, and who needs to feel bad about games?

how you handle victory or defeat is entirely up to you. while i personally believe certain behaviors like teabagging in the exit, swatting on the hook, slugging for bleedouts at the end of the match, and talking trash in endgame chat are rude, and i don't do them myself, it's nobody's place to tell you how to behave, and it isn't our place to tell others how to behave. it's your game, your money, and your time...and theirs.

there will always be sourballs in the candy jar, so we have to accept that and take it in stride. these are the people in our neighborhood, and they have just as much right to exist and play as you and i do. we don't have to love each other. we just have to coexist for a little while.

we must accept the reality that no amount of complaining or feeling bad about things in-game will ever change how others behave. once we accept that, we can stop feeling upset about it. we must accept reality and hit what's pitched. all we can do is our best. it's all where your head is at.

nobody is obligated to show concern for other people's game experience. if you care about other players' fun and you play accordingly, that's entirely your choice, but you aren't "right" for doing so. players who aren't concerned about other people's fun aren't "wrong". each type of player simply plays the game differently. we should all do what makes us feel happy and good. not you, me, or anyone else owes explanations for how we choose to play this game.

if people talking trash in endgame chat bothers you, then don't read chats. so many people get angry or upset simply because they can't control how others behave. we can't control what others do, but we can control whether we let that behavior get to us. if it bothers you, then don't look at it. we can't force anyone to behave certain ways, and we'll drive ourselves nuts trying to--and increase our stress and unhappiness if reading things like that upset us. you will never, ever stop trash talkers. we must wrap our minds around this once and for all.

remember that we all have things in common here. we likely share many similarities with our opponents--chiefly and obviously, that we all share enjoyment and interest in dbd. we already have that in common, and as gamers, we probably share many other common interests and experiences too. we're a lot more alike than many folks may realize.

we'd all do well to remember that we're playing against fellow members of our community--not our bitter sworn enemies. this is a game, not a war. nobody is dying. nobody is losing anything permanently. we share so much together, and we've stuck it out together, playing and talking, celebrating new content and sharing funny moments, supporting each other and hanging in there through all kinds of mutual life changes and challenges--killers and survivors alike.
we don't all have to love each other. we don't always have to agree. but a little bit of respect goes a long way--and it shows the quality of who you are, too.

once again, nobody is obligated to agree with me.
but thank you for your time, and thank you for listening.

"We are not enemies, but friends.
We must not be enemies.
Though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection."
- A. Lincoln
March 4, 1861
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2022.01.19 06:55 ava57441 What is the best Business management software?

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2022.01.19 06:55 _Skylights_ Please help!! Extremely Weird VR / FBT issue. Full-body tracking causing my internet to instantly tank without being able to fix??

So I had a Rift CV1 for about 3 years. My main game is vrchat and have had the usual Australian internet issues but that's it. Decided to get a Vive after it was cheap for FBT and internet was fine. The DAY I hooked up fullbody tracking my internet literally died which is highly unusual and took me 2 hours to turn back on with still massive internet issues. For the past week since iv'e had it I've tested my internet which has been completely fine until the moment I turn all my vr on and open vrchat. My speed goes from 40-50 mbps to 0.14mbps which is ridiculous. I'm getting 5000-10000 ping which makes it completely unplayable and its not going away some days.
Not only that but after I launch the game my internet is pretty much a snail for the rest of the night. I've even tried launching it at different times and then not at all. My internet is fine as long as I don't launch vrchat or turn on FBT. Restarted my routers.... PC.... restarted steam vr all the works.
Some times it takes an hour for it to stabilise others it wont the whole night. I'm so confused because my internet is fine until the moment I either launch vrchat or turn on the Full body trackers. Please help, I'm so sad that I spent so much money on fbt only for this to happen and I don't know how the hell it makes sense or even happening???
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2022.01.19 06:55 Professional-Sun6095 Im trying to buy NFT as an Investment is there any Video or Book to get me educated on this subject

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2022.01.19 06:55 cingerix rycv

avocado ranch sALad song: "avocado" - persimmon chunks (and on the plate in the photo, i did little persimmon wheels as his glasses, lmao) - chopped roma tomato - armenian cucumber - avocado ranch dressing - a zillion sesame seeds on top
crayzay caprese song: "taco grande" - silly plating of a caprese salad lol - cookie cutters for the mozzarella - i used these cute tiny multicolored tomatoes and cut em in halves - basil layer underneath, salt on everything - (oil & vinegar on only one half of the plate) - also dont worry i put pepper on it later after the photos lmao
"buried tofu", as this dish is known in our family, lol song: "matter of crust" - tofu slices marinated in a blend of soy sauce & a dash of olive oil - breading mixture = nutritional yeast and a little bit of flour - i also like to add black pepper to the breading (and to, as u are perhaps starting to realize: everything) - coat em in the breading, bake em on a tray!
my mom's vegetarian gravy recipe song: "gravy on you" - 2% milk as the base (but u could totally make a vegan version as well!) - a ton of nutritional yeast - as much soy sauce as ya like - black pepper - my 2nd-gen version of it also has paprika and garlic powder - stir just a little flour into the pan while it's still cooking, to thicken it
lemon & dill mashed potatoes w pearl onions song: "trapped in the drive-thru" - i used instant mashed potatoes cuz i didnt have time for the real deal lol - fresh squeezed lemons from our lemon tree! - dried dill - lots of black pepper! - then the tiny pearl onions on top, they were just sauteed in olive oil
this one was such a fun theme!!!
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2022.01.19 06:55 eggsshoe Esfjs and being understood

Do you ever feel like no one knows you and understands for who you are, what you like, your true thoughts?
I feel that sometimes I can know and find a lot of things about a person/friend but somehow no one was ever close to understanding what I'm truly like, and it hurts sometimes.
(at this point I don't know whether I'm being selfish or generalising, because don't all people wish to be understood?)
I don't know if it was just me so I was wondering if I could check if other esfjs could relate?
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2022.01.19 06:55 IchHabe2CM Kann mich wer schlimm beleidigen habe einen kleinen Schwanz. Dm für Bilder und beleidigt mich hart mit egal was

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2022.01.19 06:55 Lonely-University-69 Hi Ganyu Mains!

As a DPS, have some of you really grown bored of her playstyle? Do the charged shots really begin to feel repetitive?
I’m planning to go the support route because I have Elegy and R5 stringless. Any thoughts on her support capability?
Tysm in advance
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2022.01.19 06:55 tenbre Supreme Court warns public about phishing emails by 'Supreme Judiciary Council' - CNA

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2022.01.19 06:55 Shudyz Doctor Strange got a taste of his own medicine

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2022.01.19 06:55 TheEminenceInShadow Kill them by shouting

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2022.01.19 06:55 soul-bradda when you found the one: you just know, you just know... by soul bradda

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2022.01.19 06:55 American_Streamer IMDb List: 120 Hotties of Seinfeld (created in 2014 by inappropriatecommentsguy)

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2022.01.19 06:55 liftthebench Out for a game of golf

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2022.01.19 06:55 KimBroadway Civility of Albert Cashier, The - 2017 Demo flac

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2022.01.19 06:55 Amheirel Does anyone have any advice for getting a new kitchen tap?

I need to get a new tap for my kitchen. Does anyone have any advice? What style is good? Are the hose ones worth it, and if so which ones are best? Is it a good idea to get a tap with only one knob or two?
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